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Adore by the traditional "caça a salto", the Portuguese way of hunting anywhere a line of up to 15 hunters pursue and hunt the partridges in open landscape with their dogs, he is now more and add dedicated to partridge driven game shooting. Besides the small man made spread allotments across the property where the partridges can eat and drink after that the annual hectares 2. Although the majority of the estate soil is poor, thanks to a careful four-year rotation scheme an annual hectares small feeding strips per year are planted using 4x4 tractors, mainly of wheat and oatmeal, in order to give food to naturally the birds. You have native languages that can be verified You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application so as to takes only a couple of minutes. Later this way of shooting started to be more common to hunters in general and nowadays partridge driven game is one of the a good number genuine sports practiced in the Iberia Peninsula.

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